Album + Workbook

Album + Workbook


Workbook+AlbumI am so excited to share with you the twelve songs workbook!!

This is a one of kind music study that focuses on recovery!! The twelvesongs CD has been out for years and has already proven to be a success in helping people hear the message of recovery through music and now the workbook enhances the experience.

This workbook makes it easier to have conversations about the principles of The Twelve Steps. Each page includes the lyrics, picture and series of questions that relate to the corresponding song.

This is a great way to experience the steps through music. This is Currently being used in residential treatment centers and IOPs with great success. It can also be used at retreats, seminars, sponsorship or individual study.

This is an exciting new way to enjoy recovery please make sure you get your workbook

We provide discount prices for packages of 5 or more, all combinations. If you're looking for a great gift, a seminar tool, book study material or if you are a recovery center we can make you a special order. Please contact us.