"Twelve Songs has proven to be valuable therapeutic tool at Hill Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center.

The Twelve Songs CD coupled with the Twelve Songs Workbook penetrates the resistant emotional barrier so pervasive in those new to the recovery process.Twelve Songs is now one of the regular groups offered weekly at our outpatient program. From adolescents to seniors.

Mary Lyn’s musical recovery message provokes deep and meaningful group interaction. Our counselors love the structure that comes from using the Twelve Songs CD in combination with the Twelve Songs Workbook.

The "magic" generated in this group process seems to live in her musical lyrics which model and prompttherapeutic risk-taking thus allowing each group to be creative and individualized to meet the needs of our patients."

Deb Hill, RN, CADC I, CARN
Program Director/Owner

"Mary Lyn's voice exudes a compassion that only someone with Mary Lyn's journey of recovery can convey. I continue to be inspired by Mary Lyn's talent. She has followed her dream and I'm glad she did. So are thousands of 12StepRadio.com listeners!"

Bill Z.

"I heard your CD at the Soberfest in Connecticut. Your music was being broadcast across the festival before the bands went on stage. It was so moving that it stopped me in my tracks."

Amy R.

"Thanks for your gift of music and your inspiration!"

Denise L.

"This CD has been a major part of my recovery, and what a lovely voice to be lifted from the mire with!"

Jo L.

"Marylyn is absolutely a delight to have in our residential treatment center as a facilitator! Milestones Ranch Malibu prides itself on hiring people who are authentic, knowledgable, genuine and enthusiastic about recovery. Marylyn is a spectacular songwriter, caregiver and healer. She walks the walk and is beyond inspirational to everyone who's path she touches. She is an asset to any treatment program who is lucky enough to have her!!"

Denise E. Klein, MSW
CEO Milestones Ranch Malibu
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